I know, I know — another post about chocolate?! What, like there could be one too many? Today’s off to a less than wonderful start. I don’t know about you, but when my emotions are compromised and I’m in the dumps, the day quickly finds its way into the crapper as well. I make bad eating decisions, I leave a trail of destruction behind me all over the house, and I don’t bother with hair and makeup — the logic could be: look as good as you feel? Who knows.

I took little Samster to the vet this morning because I thought he had a tick in his paw and I couldn’t extract it. Turns out, it was nothing more than a skin tag…

I’m so sorry, Sammy! I’m such a bad mommy. I totally spent time trying to remove that poor skin tag — thank goodness I didn’t try popping it or anything. The thought did cross my mind. Oy.

Anyway, I didn’t have any breakfast before I took him to the vet, because I slept in longer than I had planned. Thus, when I finally got home around 11am I was hungry and crabby and generally all “rawr.”

Then I thought of this:

It’s Kashi Heart 2 Heart and the chocolate milk from yesterday. Delicious. And a good combination of protein and carbs because of the nuts in the milk. I’m not a huge cereal person, probably due to the carb scare I went through in the mid 2000’s (i.e. they are the devil and instantly make you fat). However, I do enjoy a bowl here and there now, especially when I’m in a crunch. But I didn’t have my green juice, which I should have done. This brings me to what I was talking about earlier — Emotional Sabotage.

Hubs and I don’t have a relationship that gains anything fun or positive from drama. I’ve been in relationships before that were built on drama, and I did enjoy the occasional blow out because the after-blow out could be fun. Or passionate. Do you know what I mean? But because of Hubs’ personality and my personality, when we have a riff or row, we don’t allow ourselves to enter into that special little after-party reserved only for big fights. Instead, I pout and stew and throw around the house like a Viking pillaging a poor defenseless village. And he goes to the gym and is quiet until I get over it. The best part is, we get to hang out in the car together tomorrow for 10+ hours as we drive to his parent’s house in Georgia.

Can you say PAR-TAY?

Anyway, my point is that I have a lot of cleaning do around this house. In addition to laundry, cooking all the food we have here (for transport), packing, and giving my two rascals a spa treatment (can’t have them going to Grandma’s looking all frumpy!). And I wish I could just figure out a way to NOT sabotage myself when my emotions get compromised, because it would make life so much easier.

The End.