I know it’s been so long. It’s clear that I haven’t yet figured out a good way to balance blog + real job. I’m not complaining, honestly, because I enjoy my job very much; but going from 0 to 40 hrs of work a week is quite the adjustment!

Today I finally kicked my ass and got to the gym, and I’m glad that it happened. I’m also glad about the three day weekend I’m finishing up — much needed!

I’ve been eating very nicely lately. After a three year hiatus from Fitday.com (my last log in was January of 2007!) I’ve started logging my food intake daily. Actually, what I’ve started doing is plugging in my eats for the day each morning, so that I know what I need to eat for the day. It’s a better way for me, because when I just simply record as I go, it’s a lot easier to get unbalanced nutrition. Also, instead of uber-focusing on calories, I’m actually making sure that I’m getting the proper amounts of nutrients each day from my food. All of this makes me feel accomplished, and much like my first stint with Weight Watchers, I’m amazed by how much food I actually need to eat each day —  when I’m eating healthy fare.

My sister and her boyfriend visited this weekend, so I definitely enjoyed a few guilty pleasures (read: ICE CREAM AND LOTS OF IT) but I felt fine doing so because I knew that overall I was getting proper nutrition. I’ve already learned that total deprivation does not work for me.

My post-wedding weight isn’t falling off, but I can already feel a difference in my energy and general well-being, and soon I look forward to breathing in AND out when I button up my pants.

So far now, things are good! Hubs is finally staying home for a little while and we are enjoying our last summer in Boston as much as we can — it’s been ridiculously hot lately! I will endeavor to take more pictures and to blog more — I definitely don’t want my blog to fall by the wayside!

How are your summer’s going? Any exciting trips? Do any of you use Fitday?