I bet some of you thought I was exaggerating when I said that I’d gained “like 8 lbs.” I had hoped I was exaggerating too; maybe it was just like… 3 lbs, and that as enough to make my jeans so very tight (even the biggest ones). However, this morning, because I wasn’t feeling gross enough (more on that later) I stepped on the scale.


Or — exactly the kick in the pants I need?

Whatever. Yes, I have gained 8 lbs. Since April 14th (the last time I weighed myself). I’ve been eating angelically for two days and getting enough water, so I’m glad I didn’t step on the scale before today, because it probably looked more like 10 lbs, with all the salt and crap and dehydration.

So, I’m officially the largest I have ever been. I’d love to say, “Whatever! I’m happy! More hips to go around!” But that would be a lie, and while I do break a lot of goals around here, I don’t want to just flat out lie to you. I’m totally freaked out, but maybe it’s the best thing to know, because now I’m seriously contemplating an Aquatini and appetizers tomorrow before we see Eclipse. I think I may have indulged enough for a while.

Yesterday started off great, as you may recall. I absolutely went on that run, which kicked my ASS. I had my juice. I had a yummy breakfast (and even took pictures, which I may upload tonight), and had plans to run some errands, watch some Weeds, etc. Around 12:30, I got on the phone with hubs, and suddenly, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open and my throat was mysteriously sore. I felt like death. I was pretty much in bed from 2pm – 9pm, got up for about an hour, had lots of advil, and went back to bed. I feel a little better this morning, not so feverish and woozy, but the sore throat is still here.

So I’m sipping on a very potent and actually delicious juice with:

  • 1 lemon
  • 5 strawberries
  • TWO thumbs of ginger
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 head romaine
  • 4 carrots

Really good and refreshing, and I’m hoping the ginger and lemon work on this throat of mine. I’ve got to run now because I leave for work in 45 minutes and need to be sure to pack plenty of fresh food to eat all day, because… Well, you know. I’m packing heat these days.

Le Sigh đŸ™‚

Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!