Good morning bloggies! I’m off from work and it’s a gorgeous day – woot woot! I absolutely intended to sleep in until at least 9am, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. I have a slight tingle in my throat — like the “on my way to being sick” tingle — so I’m sipping on some peppermint tea while I write this and will have a fresh juice afterwards. Hopefully that will take care of whatever it is.

Yesterday was my first day in 4-eva that I actually felt proud of myself. I worked from 1pm – 9:45pm, and those hours are the ones that beg for donut holes, coffee, potato chips, etc. However, I started my day right with a veggie juice:

1 heart of romaine, carrots, an apple, and a thumb of ginger (is that even a measurement? It seems right to me!) Obviously I forgot to take a picture of the actual juice, but I’m fairly certain you can picture it in your mind… it was kinda murky, a little brown, but very yummy.

Then I took the pupperations on a nice long walk. Since I had gone for my first run (yes, in 4-eva) the day before, my body just wasn’t feeling another one so quickly after, but I definitely needed to stretch those muscles. So a walk with the mooshies was just the ticket. In case you’ve forgotten, these are the mooshies:

Chloe helps me remember to bring my reusable grocery bags!

Sammy things it's rude AND annoying to put a flash in his face so early in the morning.

And then it was time for breakfast!

I finally made a Breakfast Cookie that was DELICIOUS! In case you didn’t know, Gina over at The Fitnessista, has pretty much rocked the breakfast world with her make-the-night-before breakfast cookie. I followed her ingredients for the most part — Oats, nut butter, a little protein powder, almond milk, plus some of my new Vega Vanilla Almondilla, a touch of agave, and some fresh strawberries. I mushed it all onto a plate and the next morning:


So good, my friends! Please do try this, because it’s the perfect breakfast for a busy morning — it’s just as easy as unwrapping a breakfast bar and even easier than picking up something less healthy at Starbucks on the way to work!

Then my hunny came home from Maryland (Yes, AGAIN) and we had a cuddle break in the morning before I had to go to work. It really sucked to leave him and the puppies in the nice warm bed, but hey, a girl’s gotta make a livin’ right? 🙂  Right.

I didn’t photograph the rest of my eats, but I did have:

2 salads (very simple, greens, snap peas, carrots in a dijon/apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing

1 garden souffle

while I was at work. Plus 2 cups of coffee. So … Pretty darn good!

The Garden Souffle was OK. For 140 calories, it’s a total steal, but it wasn’t so amazingly delicious that I’d run out and buy it over and over. I tried the zucchini version and I have a roasted veggie one that I’ll probably try on Sunday when I get to work a Holiday (yay time and a half!)

I had a little leftover pasta and a glass of wine before bed, and that was that!

Since I got a job, a day off is suddenly awesome. I don’t feel guilty sleeping in a little, or watching a few episodes of Weeds; I do what I feel like doing — plus a few necessary things, like cleaning up around here perhaps, or laundry — and it’s really nice.

Well, I’m off to drink a juice and go for a run. Wish me luck – I shall need it! Good thing I have Glee soundtracks to keep me motivated (does anyone else love the Faithfully cover??)

PS – Any Twilight fans? I really am one. I’ve caught up on Twilight and New Moon in preparation for Eclipse, and I’m dead excited to go see it on Saturday!