…I’m not going to jump the gun and say that I’m 100% back, though. Things have been busier than usual around here, and when I do find myself with some down time, it’s rare that I feel like sitting in front of the computer — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was wondering why that is, and I think I’ve come up with a pretty reasonable explanation: I fell off the wagon and got trampled by it.

You see, this blog started first as a healthy eating/weight-loss blog, and even though I’ve transitioned it into more of a newly married life blog, I can’t shake that original feeling surrounding it, and people, I’ve got nothing good to tell you on the eating front. Because I have nothing good to tell you, I often feel what’s the point of writing a post? I don’t want to see in writing how bad I’ve been eating lately!

But, maybe that’s what I need. Who knows.

Here are a few things that have been going on, to catch you up on the past month or so:

  • I got a job working in retail for JJill. I always said: that store is for old ladies! However, since working there I’ve fallen in love with the clothes and have made serious use out of my employee discount. I had never worked in retail before and I really enjoy it. I’m working around 30 hrs a week on average and it’s keeping me busy and supplementing the funds — so it’s all positive. Except for the fact that I’ve stocked up on their Wearever collection, which are basically a line of “dressy” sweats, and they are ALL I wear — know why? Because I don’t fit into anything else!! But that’s another bullet point.
  • Hubs and I have signed a contract on our townhouse in Maryland. It’s gush-worthy and I cannot WAIT to get down there in October — which is when it will be finished being built. In the interim we are either trying to rent our place here in MA or sell it — whichever works. It’s a huge undertaking on our part — a lot of $$ being drained, so this summer there will be no fantastic voyages or lots of dining out; we need to save every little penny for the new crib!
  • I have gained about 8 lbs. I’m guessing because I don’t dare step on that scale. Suffice to say that absolutely not one item of clothing in my closet that has a zipper, buttons, or is made of something other than spandex fits me. It’s pretty serious. I’d venture to say the most serious it’s been in a while — I mean, not even the “fat” jeans fit, you know? Oddly enough, I’m being really chill about it, but I do notice that I’m shying away from having my picture taken and I haven’t felt sexy since our wedding. Those two things worry me more than the fitting into the clothes.

It’s a fairly easy fix to lose weight, isn’t it? I mean, in theory. You just eat less and work out. Why is that such a difficult combination? For me, it’s always been easier to either exercise OR eat well. And that just doesn’t work out. However, it’s come to my attention that from a maintenance point of view, exercise is vitally important. The combination of ceasing to eat well AND stopping all exercise sent me into one of the quickest weight gain spurts in my life. It’s quietly depressing. And I just don’t feel like starting another intense eating regime that cancels out a lot of food groups. I did dust off the Natalia Rose books again. I did look back at the old blog to get some ideas. And I just can’t bring myself to that place again.

The fact is, I’m not doing the simple and most basic things one must do to be healthy; I’m not drinking enough water, I’m not getting in enough fruits and veggies, and I’m not being active. So I think before I try to launch myself into another “detox” or marathon weight loss regime, I need to just make some healthier and less drastic choices, and get my butt moving. That’s the advice I’d give, so I suppose it’s only right that I should take it.

What say you, bloggies? Any tips for the post bridal bloat?