Leave it to me to take something as healthy as freshly made orange juice and adulterate it with booze — but before you tsk tsk at me, try it, because it’s delicious.

I shall call it, the Simply Sarahtini

  • Fresh juice of 1 large orange
  • 2 oz bourbon

Put all ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice, shake vigorously, and pour into a martini glass. Enjoy!

And moving on… I work better when I have a routine to follow. Now that life has shifted yet again, I haven’t get “routined” myself, and it’s kind of a disaster. Some days I work at 9:30am, others at 12pm, and I’ve also got some copy work to do. It’s not too much, trust me, I know, but for some reason I haven’t snapped into a good plan, and it’s taxing. I’ve been slothy about the gym, and I think that’s one of the main issues. Not going to the gym opens the door to all sorts of other lazy behavior.

This leads me to another little aside: I know that I make a lot of challenges and rarely follow through on them!

Please don’t judge me, bloggies! I will get it one of these days. Until then, I do need to keep the challenges coming. So here is the next one:

The Morning Routine Part 1

This routine should be followed every weekday morning, when I work at 9:30am

6:30am – Wake up, get into workout clothes, drink 1 glass water

7-7:30am – Workout

7:30 – 8am – make green juice, sippy cup, take dogs for walk

8- 8:30am – Shower and get dressed

8:30 – 9am – Eat breakfast, tidy kitchen

9:-915am – Make smoothie to-go

The Morning Routine Part 2

For days when I work after 10am

7am – Wake up, get dressed for gym, drink 1 glass water

7:30 – 8:45am – Work out

9 – 9:30am – Make green juice, sippy cup, take dogs for walk

9:30- 10am – Shower, get dressed

10-10:30am – Eat breakfast, tidy kitchen

10:30 -10:45am – Make smoothie to-go

So whipping my bedonkadonk into shape is going to be difficult, and I’m going to HATE getting up so early, especially since I’d mostly prefer to just wake up an hour before I have to be to work, but it just isn’t fair to my pups — since now they don’t have the pleasure of my company all day long. They deserve a little walk and some morning attention. And I deserve to feel more accomplished and to get myself back into a healthy routine.

So, good luck to me with that.

Have you guys heard of Pu-Ehr tea?

It’s a type of tea that is aged in Chinese caves. It’s supposed to be very dark and have a smooth, almost syrupy consistency to it. I’ve had it twice in my life, and both times I was pleasantly shocked at how delicious it was. So of course I decided to hit up WF to see if they had some, and of course, they did.

I have to say, this particular version of the Pu-Ehr is not too reminiscent of the others I have enjoyed. It simply didn’t have that smooth-sweetness to it that I loved so much, it was more like regular black tea. So the search is on, I suppose, for some really good Pu-Ehr tea. Do you know of any? Online, the Art of Tea has some that seems or sounds, rather, like it would be good. Hmm.

Well, I’m off to explore the woods with my pups — no time like the present to be a better dog-mommy πŸ™‚