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A few things have got me thinking about morning routines lately. First, I’ve read a few cool posts on the subject (here and here), and I’ve been living with a guy for the past three years who has a very solid and steadfast morning routine, whereas mine seems to be ever-changing.

Typically in my life, if my day is going to start early (like high school and when I worked in marketing) I’ll get as much done as possible the night before so that I can get in as many precious extra minutes of sleep as I can. I never had time for a sit down breakfast — the best I’d do was coffee in a to-go cup — and I’m a whiz at a quick make-up job. I was always rushing! So it was funny to me to observe Hub’s morning routine when we started living together, because it was so methodical and time consuming! He actually had to have a sit-down breakfast every morning. Of course, sometimes that doesn’t pan out, but I’d say 90% of the time, his routine is undisturbed.

I kind of want my own special morning routine 🙂

I have routines for other things, like putting on my make-up or washing my face, but since I haven’t had a very consistent schedule since I’ve lived here, a routine hasn’t cemented. Now that school is over, I’m craving structure because without it, I’m liable to feel hapless.

Lately my mornings have been getting off to a fairly relaxing start. I typically wake up 30-40 minutes after Hub’s leaves, I put on my fuzzy robe, put on a pot of coffee, brush my teeth and then hit the computer for a few minutes of blog browsing, email, and FB checks. I’ll have a little breakfast with my coffee (these days, it’s Kim’s bagels all the way!) and then write my blog. Because coffee makes me a little wonky, I’ll drink a big glass of water while making the bed and picking up after myself, and then I’ll head to the gym. Then I’ll clean up and get started on whatever has to be done.

It’s not ever so glamourous and it’s a routine I’ve had only for about a week now.

Anyhow, I’m curious: What are your morning routines? or even better: What is your dream morning routine?

I’ll tell you mine to get the ball started:

I wake up “naturally” (i.e. no dogs jumping on and off the bed, no noise from the bathroom and kitchen) to my lovely husband bringing in a tray of french press coffee, hot croissants and fresh fruit. He also brings me my robe so I can pop into the bathroom for a quick teeth brush. He’s fluffed my pillow for me while I was doing that, so when I crawl back into bed it’s all plump and delightful. He slides the tray onto my lap and gives me a lovely morning kiss and asks me if I need anything else — oh, no dear, I’m good! Then he turns on the TV to a Disney movie for me, Beauty & the Beast. I eat contentedly and watch my movie. I doze off for a little while with my pups. When I wake up, my tray is magically cleaned up! I take a long and luxurious shower and guess what? Someone has warmed my towel and it’s waiting for me on the rack. Sigh.

A girl can dream, right?

Have a great Thursday!