Whew, I was actually productive today! Hubs has put me in charge of selling this condo, and I’m incredibly motivated — I want to get down to Maryland ASAP! However, it’s not the breeziest of tasks. Today I took pics of the place, and since we’ve been looking at so many online listings ourselves lately, I have a really critical eye — I kept looking at each room and saying, Wow… I don’t know, there’s still too much person stuff! I think the best pictures show a house that is waiting for a brand new occupant, not the remnants of who is currently living there. So I basically took pictures of each room, one at a time, and brought a huge box with me. I stuffed all misc items in that box for the picture, and then put them all back. Yes, it was THAT fun.

What do you think? Inviting? Any tips for me?

Now to back-track…

After my workout, day 6 upper body (I tacked on a 5 min cardio warm up and cool down too), I came home and I was ravenous. I realized — once I got to the gym — that I had forgotten to eat my breakfast with my coffee! So I was freakin’ starrrrvving. A bagel wasn’t going to cut it. So I had this:

I know, I know… What the heck is that?

Well, it’s… A Mushroom Lover’s Burger (Morningstar Farms) topped with shredded lettuce, avocado slices, a sauce from salsa + sour cream, and a generous dousing of Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I know it’s not impressive looking, but it was quite delicious.

Then later, for lunch…

That was pretty good.

In other exciting news, our garbage disposal “broke.” So I called the plumber. After charging me $200… He gives me a little allen-wrench looking thing and shows me a RESET button on the bottom of the Insinkerator. Apparently you can reset it. And crank it with the wrench. And clear the clog. For free.

Sorry, hubs. I feel like I’ve failed you today. I should have been more savvy! Darn Roto Rooter. At least I know what to do for next time.

Speaking of Hubs, he’s been SO busy lately! I feel like I rarely see him. 😦 And tomorrow he’s going to Arizona for the weekend, which will be ever so sad. Good thing I have my special project and selling this darn condo to keep me busy.

Well, I’m gonna go make myself a margarita — It’s Thursday, after all!