Spongebob Squarepants!

Yes, my friends, that is what’s on my TV this fine Monday morning. Whatever πŸ™‚ Oddly enough, I automatically woke up early this morning, which is really unlike me, especially lately. The only reason I can come up with is that I’ve gotten SO much sleep lately that my body is 100% rested and doesn’t crave the bed.

Yesterday I woke up with a very intense craving. But first, I went to the gym and knocked out my upper body workout — things are on track. Then Hubs and I hit the grocery store and BJs. I was hungry fairly quickly, because all I had had was a berry smoothie:

It's not green! (but it still has spinach...)

I didn’t put any protein in it, so it went through my system in a zippy way. Anyhow, back to my craving: smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, sour cream, and capers. What do you think about that?

I think Delicious

It was everything I hoped it would be.

And I’m still on a smoked salmon kick. Check out this breakfast I just devoured a moment ago:

The smoked salmon is of the cracked pepper variety, and soooo good. The cream cheese is of the TempTee variety, and also yummy. These ingredients (especially the bagel) haven’t made an appearance in my kitchen in a very long time — I venture to say YEARS. However, part of my new food philosophy is to stop restricting myself from this just for the hell of it. Just try to make it healthy, right? So the bagel, is actually a wheat Kim’s bagel, which I adore and are only 110 calories a pop. They are smaller than normal bagels, but I prefer the size. I made sure to measure out my TempTee (because I cannot “eye” a serving of that stuff) and as you can see, didn’t overdo it on the salmon as a little goes a long way. This breakfast flies in the face of the past few months of my eating philosophies, but guess what? It was delicious and satisfying. SO THERE, face. Fly.

Anyway, this weekend was pretty good. Hubs requested a lazy Saturday and that is what he got! I left the house only once to pick up some booze, waffle fries, and coleslaw fixin’s — he BBQ’d. I rediscovered my love for Morningstar Farms Riblets. Mmmmm. We sat in the big chair ALL day and caught up on 5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, in addition to watching Legion. If you haven’t seen it already, then don’t. Save yourself. Hubs said it was the perfect relaxing day and he’s feeling back to normal, so mission accomplished!

I spent a little time this weekend experimenting with my hair. I chopped it off last Saturday in a major way — It was so long! Like, middle of my back long! And now it’s a bob. I do like it, as it’s so much easier, but I haven’t yet figured out how to style it. I’m learning though! This weekend I decided to attempt it curly:

Forgive the mean expression on my face — I was trying for “seductive.” What do you think? Do you have any tips for me?

Now that school is done, my “job” as it were, is selling our condo or renting it out fully furnished. We want to get out of here pronto, so I’ll be digging into this seriously! AND…If you’re in the Boston area and looking for a new place, you hit me up, ok? πŸ™‚

Have a great Monday, folks! And HELLO to all my new SITS friends πŸ™‚

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