Good Morning! I am off to a s l o w start this morning, as I had a little too much fun celebrating last night. I forgot to bring my camera with me, which, as it turns out, was probably a good thing.

My final exam was, as anticipated, horrendous and I can only hope I passed it. Cross your fingers for me!

For a while now I’ve been searching for a natural face soap to replace my beloved Purpose:

I adore my Purpose. It cleans off all my makeup without overdrying my skin and doesn’t cause me any breakouts. It’s scent free and it’s simple. However, it is not natural. I spent a lot of money at Whole Foods, trying out some natural cleansers, including the prettily packaged and mucho $$ Weleda. Nothing did me right like my Purpose. I had pretty much given up. And then yesterday, I walk into my bathroom and see this:

Who is the soap fairy, you ask? Why, none other than my beloved Hubs! One of perks of his jobs is that he often gets samples of products — from BBQ sauce to stain remover. We have a lot of BBQ sauces. Anyway, I tried out this stuff last night when I got home my from my bender celebration, and guess what? It removed my make up just as well as Purpose AND it has a pleasant smell and similar clear gel texture as Purpose. One is for oily/combo skin and has Tea Tree oil in it, the other is for all skin types. And look:

Not too shabby, eh? I is happy.

But I’m also hungover, which brings me to my next item of business: What makes you feel better when you’re hungover?

For me, SODA is a must. Not diet either. It has to be full sugar, nasty, rust-removing soda. Ahh, so good.

I’ll be back later after I’ve recovered a little bit. Today is the first day of my 30 day workout challenge (check out the Simply Exercise tab at the top of the page for the plan) and I’ve got to haul this lagging azz to the gym at some point for a 45 minute cardio session. I’ve decided to name this challenge: The Proof is in the Pants

More on that later. Happy Friday!