Today was another wonderful day of studying for my last final on rocks. I apologize in advance to those of you who might be geologists/know geologists/are fascinated with geology, but you see, I was duped into taking this class. The title of it is “The Earth and How It Works.” It was classified as a science course for non-science students. No pre-requisites. And I needed a science course to graduate — sounds great, right? And it sounded fun! I figured I’d learn about different eco systems and weather patterns and stuff. No such luck. When my professor said “the earth” he really meant rocks. All of them, in their various and intensely fascinating forms. Trust me, he is enthralled with them. I, on the hand, am not. And of course, this very odd course had absolutely NO required coursework due the entire time — except the final, which is your only opportunity for a grade. There wasn’t even any assigned reading. So basically, in an attempt to NOT fail, I’ve been watching episodes of the History Channel’s “How the Earth Was Made” hoping it will fill me with knowledge. It’s actually a pretty great series, and very well done – I’m actually understand stuff. So here’s to hoping that I get through that final on Thursday!

Things have been a little whacky around here. I think 89% of my brain already thinks I’m done with school, and me and the new Hubs have been partying a little too much… in the middle of the week.

Of course, we hit up Cinco de Mayo in a big way:

Oh yes. When I start with the self-portraits you know it’s a good time.

We went to a few cool events!

And got to meet Magic Johnson and feel SUPER short.

So all in all, no complaints! Except that Hubs is in Vegas right now and I’m not there… because of stupid Rocks. Sigh.

As for the eating, it’s been mildly disastrous, but I’m not sweating it. In a future post I’ll go into my new ideas around food in general, because things have been changing around here — and for the better. Alright, I’m back to volcanoes and earthquakes!