Hi bloggies! Thank you for venturing over to my new home on the web. A lot of changes have taken place over the past month and a lot more are about to take place, so I felt it was time to revamp the whole bloggy thing. What started out as a purely food related blog — and mostly about weight loss — is now morphing into more of an all-encompassing life blog, with a heavy emphasis on food and exercise. You see, in the next few months, me and the new husband will be moving to the Maryland area and furnishing a brand new house; I will be getting my personal trainer’s license over the summer and actually get a “real” job; and we are prepping for the start of our baby-making journey! So, LOTS of stuff. Because of that, I just couldn’t see keeping myself restricted to a food blog. I want to talk about EVERYTHING that’s going on, because it’s all so new and exciting! By making this a more all-purpose sort of blog, I won’t feel so restricted to talking about food all the time. I will be free! Like a bird!

So, what to expect?

Still tons of this:

With more of this:

And a boatload of this:

Haha! So welcome, I hope you stick around — I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting ride πŸ™‚